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Hello sporty girls! Welcome to F! by Fabulous! You may recognise this story. My name is Stéphanie and I am in my early thirties. I used to be rather sporty: hockey, swimming, skiing, etc… After my studies, I started to work, was married and had babies. I simply had no time for sports. And although I actually had everything I wanted, physically I didn’t feel that good. A service club in the neighborhood organized a 1/8 triathlon (750m-20km-5km) a few years ago. I participated once, without any preparation. Just for fun. In swimming I had to do the breast stroke (embarrassing), I rode a bike out of necessity with an old mountain bike, and I had no suitable clothing. But I enjoyed it tremendously. And the germ seemed to have caught me. I finally said bye to hockey and joined the ‘Iron Girls‘ in Oudenaarde, a triathlon club for women led by Sophie De Groote. At first I could hardly keep up, but gradually I improved my condition. I dared to register for the ‘Mister T Triathlon’ (750m-20km-5km) and the ‘Zwintriatlon’ (1km-45km-10km). A serious test for my level. I was not top notch, but not substandard, either. And above all I felt fantastic! Then I stopped training with a club for a while. I tried to train at my personal pace and above all to find a good balance between my job-husband-children-social life- you know how it goes… Occasionally I joined a small competition in order to have a training goal.


In 2015 – one year after the birth of my third son – I wanted to aim higher again and I signed up for the ‘Triathlon of Flanders’ (1km-45km-10km). This time I decided to do some good preparation. Especially the bike trail in Oudenaarde scared me a bit. I enlisted the help of Dees Naessens, who became my virtual coach. He worked out customized training programs for me. I focused mainly on cycling and invested in a quality bike. After all, good material is the start of success, right? But I didn’t like the clothes. I couldn’t find a nice outfit in which to enjoy working out anywhere. I complained a lot and asked myself aloud why sports clothing for women always had to be so ugly.

Apparently, I was not alone: quite a few sports-minded friends were also unable to find what they wanted in shops and webshops. And my husband, as well, thought I should have a snappy sports outfit. ‘And if it does not exist, create it yourself’, was his succinct response to my objections.

That was the beginning of F! by Fabulous! Today, after a great challenge in my life, the webshop has been created, and quite a few girls and women are presenting the F! by Fabulous! spirit to the world. The many positive reactions to my creations give me the strength to continue every day. The webshop is running beyond all expectations, and I am living my passion. Enjoy the F! by Fabulous! feeling. Stéphanie


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